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FTF have crews to take care of all of your silviculturual requirements. We can complete all your planting or re-planting, release spraying, thinning and pruning. Please call us to discuss your individual requirements.

Resource consents

FTF have expertise in completing Resource Consents and Soil & Erosion Plans. We can assist you in completing your entire application or help facilitate your own application.


FTF have earthwork contractors who can take care of all the necessary skid sites, roading, metalling, culverts installation and any other prepartion work required prior to commencing harvesting. This work can at times be a costly outlay so FTF can assist in covering these costs initially on a case by case basis.

Forest mapping

FTF can assist you with all your forest mapping requirements for either your Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) application or just a general map to locate things like legal boundaries and stocked areas.

Assistance with selling forests

FTF have assisted our clients in preparing their forests for sale, both in seeking expressions of interest through to running the full tender process with excellent success rates. We work in the log trading business daily and have extension industry contacts throughout.

FTF offer a variety of forestry services, so please call us today so we can discuss your individual requirements.


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