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Managing the Business of Forestry

Emission Trading Scheme

The ETS is regularly being reviewed and FTF understands this can be frustrating for forest owners. FTF knows that the ETS can seem confusing and often ‘too good to be true’. There are a lot of potential fish hooks in it so FTF takes time to explain all the ‘ins and outs’ of the scheme. FTF takes pride in keeping up to date with the latest statutory changes and carbon prices both nationally and internationally.

FTF can establish new forests for investment, erosion prevention and to capitalise on potential benefits from the ETS. Following post-harvest cleanup and land preparation, we take site-specific resource information and match it with core market data to produce an optimal crop of trees. We provide quality services and practical guidance on all areas of forestry under the New Zealand ETS. Our clients include individuals with small forests to larger commercial entities.

FTF can provide services including post-1989 applications as well as all your Field Measurements Approach (FMA) plots which are required for all post-1989 forest owners with a resource greater than 100 hectares.