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Farman Turkington Forestry (FTF) has a long history of providing expert independent services to forest owners and we can provide for all your planning and management needs as a forest grower.

FTF can establish new forests for investment, erosion prevention and capitalise on potential benefits from the ETS.

Different terrains and locations require different establishment programmes. FTF can advise you on the best programme and species for your land use and needs.

Planting or replanting a forest is a major investment decision. Researching and managing your own forestry investment can be complicated and information is often changing. FTF has professional and experienced forest management skills that can help you every step of the way. FTF can also take care of all your silviculture needs like Pruning and Thinning and provide advice on the best time to do this work and the associated costs.

The financial returns between a well-managed forest and a forest that has been left untended are significant. A well-managed forest will be cheaper to harvest, grow larger trees, yield higher value logs and generate a net return at least 75% higher than an untended forest. It's important to get a Management Plan that is affordable and works for your Forest.