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Managing the Business of Forestry

Log Marketing

FTF logs are sold to both the domestic and export markets. Our in-depth knowledge of sawmilling, timber processing, and pulp and paper enables us to deliver the right log for the right job all the while maximising the return to the forest owner.

FTF sells only to reputable customers both in New Zealand and overseas. FTF guarantees payment.

We sell to a number of markets. We are proudly independent of any sawmill or exporter and will only sell logs to a customer that is paying the best return. We have close ties with the China market and deal directly with the Chinese, cutting out middlemen who clip the ticket.


We recognise that log specifications can be confusing. Out of each tree, 20 different log grades can be cut into multiple cutting solutions.

FTF strives to ensure our log makers are the best at optimising the true value out of each stem. We have a full-time person auditor for Log Makers as well as providing them with training on Value Recovery. A good Log Maker can extract 15-20% more value out of a Forest than a mediocre one which is why FTF makes sure we have the best Log Makers.